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How to choose a Frisbee suitable for dogs?


How to choose a Frisbee suitable for dogs?

When choosing a frisbee, you can pay attention to the following points:

🌸1. Flat----refers to the level accuracy of the Frisbee. Those with poor quality can be distinguished by the naked eye, and when the naked eye cannot distinguish it, you can place it on the glass pad, tap around the surface of the disc with your fingers, and observe the bottom of the Frisbee. The degree of adherence of the edge is measured. If the Frisbee is uneven, the flight path will not be stable, which will affect the dog's judgment and self-confidence.

🌸2. Evenness----refers to whether the material distribution of the Frisbee is uniform when it is made. For this identification, you can ask the Frisbee proficient to try throwing, and the Frisbee with poor uniformity will shake when it rotates and flies.


🌸3. Quality ---- means that the material of the Frisbee must have a certain degree of flexibility. Too hard Frisbee is easy to cause damage to the dog, and it is easier to break. This kind of Frisbee has almost no elasticity and toughness, and it falls on the concrete floor. There will be a crisp sound. A Frisbee that is too soft is not easy to throw or rotate, and this kind of product tends to deform when it is held in one hand.

🌸4. Type----refers to the type, size, weight, etc. of the Frisbee. For dogs, a Frisbee that is too large or too heavy is very tiring to play, while a Frisbee that is too small is uncomfortable to throw and cannot fly very far, and because the dog's teeth are very hard, the damage to the Frisbee is also very serious. It is so powerful that the Frisbee used by dogs tends to have thick and rounded edges. There are many ways to play Frisbee, and there are many types of products. What kind of Frisbee is used in what kind of game;

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