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Winter Guide for Cats | Are You Ready?


Are you ready for the cat winter?

1️⃣ Cats are prone to diseases in autumn and winter

📌Cold: Cat's "cold" is caused by calicivirus and herpes virus

⭕️Reason: The temperature changes obviously, and the indoor environment becomes worse due to the lack of air circulation. If the cat's resistance is insufficient, it is easy to catch a cold.

🍄Calicivirus manifestations: drooling, coughing, sneezing; runny nose; severe may be accompanied by mouth ulcers, fever, limp, etc.

🍄The manifestations of herpes virus: sneezing; runny nose; increased eye secretions, which can blind the eyes in severe cases

🖍📋Tip: If you have similar symptoms and continue to worsen, you should seek medical attention in time for an antibody test.

📌Urinary system diseases

⭕️Reason: As the temperature decreases in autumn and winter, cats become more lazy and the frequency of drinking water decreases.

🍄The general manifestations of urinary system diseases are:

✅ Frequently going in and out of the litter box (but may have no or little urine)

✅Blood in urine, or howling when urinating (may be painful)

✅Various abnormal urine output, such as oliguria, anuria, frequent urination, etc.

✅ Frequent licking of genitals

✅Dehydration or vomiting

📋🖍TIP: Increase the amount of water you drink💦, keep the temperature🌡 and stock of the water in the cat's water basin, warm water is appropriate. The frequency of cats eating staple food cans can be appropriately increased.


2️⃣ Good things for cats in autumn and winter

Warm and comfortable cat litter

cats will feel more secure and warmer

Pet Thermostat Electric Blanket

Safety is very important. The material should be bite-resistant, scratch-resistant and waterproof, with 3C certification, intelligent temperature control, overheating protection device, and easy to clean.

enough ☀️ sun ✅

0 cost, but it is very important, make sure to make a space with enough sunlight for the cat.

Enhance nutrition for cats ✅

Appropriately increase the canned staple food, and also replace the high-protein, easily digestible staple food. Chongyou can be cold-pressed cat food, ≥35% crude protein, 8 kinds of fish meat + 2 kinds of fish oil, help cats to grow their hair well, and it will be warmer in winter~

pet clothes✅

It is suitable for hairless cats, curly cats and shorthair cats, and does not exclude cats who wear clothes~ If cats don't like to wear them, there is no need to force them.

Humidifier ✅

Avoid static electricity, which can cause cat hair to tangle

3️⃣ Autumn and winter precautions

1. Avoid excessive temperature difference ❌Cats often go in and out of places with excessive temperature difference, and are more likely to get sick.

2. When using heating equipment, attention should be paid to controlling the temperature♨️ to avoid accidental burns/scalding of cats.

3. Try to avoid bathing cats in winter❌

4. Reduce taking cats out❌

5. Control diet🥩🍖, increase exercise🎾, and avoid obesity

6. Brush your cat regularly to help clean up floating hair.

💖💖💖The next issue will share with you a large collection of brushes.