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What to do when the dog spends the winter? 7️⃣ Great advice for newbies


👏 The weather is getting colder and colder now. How to properly keep the dog warm in the cold season?

1️⃣Clothing to keep warm🧣👗

The fur of most pet dogs is enough to withstand the cold winter❄️, and does not need to wear clothes, such as Alaska, Husky, Satsuma, Golden Retriever, Corgi, Shiba Inu, etc.

Short-haired dogs, such as French Dou, Ying Dou, Chihuahua, Bull Terrier, etc. 🌡When the weather is below 10℃, you can consider preparing some pet clothes, provided that the dog does not reject it~


2️⃣Healthy skin😷

Winter is relatively dry, 🐾If the dog's paws are dry and cracked, you can apply some pet-specific paw care creams. ❌Do not use human body lotion to avoid dogs licking their paws and causing accidental ingestion.

3️⃣ Warm kennel/mat 🧇

Prepare a warm kennel for the dog. It may be better to have heating indoors in the north, but the indoor temperature in the south is lower, and the dog spends more time on the ground, so a mat can be laid. There is less fur on the dog's abdomen to avoid dog The dog has a cold belly.

4️⃣Winter indoors🏠

Except for free-range dogs in rural areas, they may be more adapted to outdoor life. For dogs living in cities, try to keep dogs indoors for the winter. Also give your dog enough sunshine to bask in the sun☀️


5️⃣Heating equipment and heating pads🔥

If you have heating equipment such as a heater at home, pay more attention to your dog ❌ Do not get too close to the heater for heating, so as not to cause burns or scalds.

When the dog is at home alone, pay attention to turning off the power of the heater❗️ to prevent the dog from having an accident at home alone.

If you don't have a heater, remember to prepare a safe heating pad for your dog to keep warm for the winter.

6️⃣ Tips for going out for a walk

1) In severe cold weather, try to minimize the time you go out for a walk to avoid frostbite caused by low temperature for a long time.

2) Try not to take your dog to walk on the ice❌, one is easy to frostbite the dog's paw, and secondly, the ice surface is not frozen and it is easy to fall into the water.

3) If it snows and rains outdoors, and the ground is relatively wet, you need to clean the dog's paws and body after returning home ✅ Avoid frostbite due to moisture or cause skin diseases such as eczema.

4) Puppies and elderly dogs have poor resistance and body temperature regulation, so try to reduce the time and frequency of going out ✅

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