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Cat Breeding for Novices | Basic Parenting Knowledge


Cat Breeding for Novices | Basic Parenting Knowledge

🌸 Precautions when the cat just arrived home

1. After the cat arrives home, do not forcefully stroke/hold the cat for the first three days

2. Limit the cat's range of movement first, and then let it move freely after it feels safe

3. You can play with the cat appropriately to make the cat more relaxed

4. The food needs to be changed slowly, temporarily do not feed canned food and meat, etc.

🌸Eight-day food change method

day1: 70% old food + 30% new food

day2: 60% old food + 40% new food

day3: 50% old food + 50% new food

Then gradually switch, until finally completely replaced with the new food

🌸 Arrange cat activity space

1⃣️ Prepare at least two cat bowls: water + food

2⃣️A safe place to hide, not necessarily a cat litter, but also a cardboard box

3⃣️If possible, set up a cat climbing frame to increase the space for cats to move


🌸 Cat's favorite food

Cat food/canned food🥫/freeze-dried/cat strips/catnip/chicken breast, etc.

🌸 Cat nutrition

Hair removal cream/nutrition cream/probiotics/lecithin, etc.

🌸What cats can’t eat

Coffee☕️/Tea🍵/Human Snacks🍬/Salt🧂/Chocolate🍫/Chicken Bone🦴Fish Bone/Onion Garlic Ginger/Grape🍇Raisin/Milk🥛 and Dairy/Alcohol🍺

🌸 About stress

Stress refers to an individual non-specific reaction caused by a temporary decrease in resistance of cats due to changes in the environment and various stressful stimuli.

⚠️ Mild symptoms are: hiding, lack of energy, not eating or drinking, etc.

⚠️Severe symptoms are: diarrhea, vomiting, cold and fever, etc.

🌸 Frequently Asked Questions

1⃣️ Hide in the corner

Don't play the cat too much, give her space to adapt

2⃣️Do not eat

Have water, food and cat litter ready, she will eat it when she feels safe

3⃣️ tease the cat with your hands

Don't tease the cat with your hands, otherwise she will easily use your hands as prey and will get used to biting and catching people

💖💖💖Due to the limited space, there will be dry goods in the next issue, so pay attention!