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🐱6 Things That Make Cats Happy|Newbie Cats ✅


Reach out and don’t hit the smiling person☺️ The same is true for cats 🐱

Let's just say: cats are also very clever 👉

✅ Play with toys

Play with him with his favorite toys. Or just a short piece of ribbon. A bulging plastic bag, etc. Don't worry too much about what it is. Just make it interesting。

✅Hide and seek

The cat is hiding behind something. While secretly staring at you. This is an invitation to "Come and play with me!" The shit shoveler can also try to hide behind the curtains. Whisper the cat's name and let it come to you!

✅ Chase with it

Cats can't help chasing after seeing something suddenly accelerating in front of them. Quickly chasing back and forth, and then immediately turning around and running away, this rhythm is the most fun for cats to play!



No cat will refuse to brush, and some cats will take the initiative to lie on the edge of the brush and let the shovel officer brush. If the cat behaves reluctantly. You can try a different brush!


Many cats like to rub their shoulders down their backs and massage them. At the beginning, the strength can be a little lighter. Watch what it looks like. Find where it feels most comfortable to press!

✅ Hugs and touches

Although whether you like it depends on the cat's personality. But there are still many cats who like to lie on the shovel's knee or lie in the shovel's arms. The jaws, the bases of the ears, and around the eyes and nose are some of the favorite places for cats to scratch their owners!

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