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If you don't go out to walk the cat, how can you make the cat meet the daily exercise standard?


If you don't go out to walk the cat, how can you make the cat meet the daily exercise standard?

♥ We have cats, not pigs.

Like people, a cat who lacks physical activity for a long time will follow diseases such as obesity, reduced responsiveness and immunity.

So, if the cat doesn't walk, how can it move gracefully?

🔱This formula can roughly calculate the daily energy required by cats:

(BW) body weight (kg) x 0.75 x 70 = basal metabolic rate (BMR) kcal/day

😎Basically, a cat does not need to exercise too much every day, generally 25-40 minutes of exercise can reach the target.

Therefore, it is recommended that the shovel officer can spend half an hour every day playing with the cat, and it is enough to increase the cat's exercise by playing.

Below, recommend a few small games that are highly interactive with cats

1⃣ Looking for eggs

Required props: 3-4 small bowls/cups, a sponge ball

How to play: Put the cat on the floor, then dunk the ball with any of the 3 bowls/cups and quickly shuffle the original order of the cups, then stop and let the cat point out which cup the sponge ball is in.

Trust me, your cat will be able to quickly and accurately locate the sponge ball when you stop.

If your cat has adapted to this game, you can increase the difficulty of the game appropriately, such as increasing the number of cups, extending the time to move the cups, etc.

2⃣ Goalkeeper

What you need: A few bottle caps

How to play:

You stay on one side, the cat on the side, the game starts, you shake the bottle cap to attract the cat's attention, and then quickly pop the bottle cap at the cat with your finger when the cat is not paying attention. At this time, you will find that the cat will be like a goalkeeper, Quickly pounce on the cap with your paw.

The advanced version of this game is to pop three or all caps together, depending on whether you play fast or the cat catches fast.

3⃣Whack the hamster

Props needed: A piece of thick cardboard or a useless box. Put the cardboard you have prepared and buckle nine holes in a nine-square pattern, making sure that the size of the holes is just enough for your fingers to pass through.

How to play: Call your cat over and face the game props you have prepared. The shit shovel officer hides his fingers behind the props, and then his fingers randomly stick out from a certain hole, and guide the cat to stretch out its claws to grab your hand, as a cat When you want to grab your finger, quickly retract your finger and stick it out randomly from another hole. This cycle repeats until the cat hits your finger, and don't forget to give your cat a reward at this time.

Note that this game is about speeding with the cat. As long as the speed is fast enough, your cat can't hit you, but be careful not to let the cat bite your fingers~


💡If you don't have time to play sports with your cat

Such as cat climbing frame, funny cat stick, fake mouse, turntable, sponge ball, molar toys, cat scratching board, etc.

These toys your cat can play well alone