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Novice dog owners ✅|These dogs are clingy 🐶❓


These dogs are clingy 🐶

🐶Top1. Poodle

Sticky index: 5 🔆

Advantages: VIPs rank second in IQ, and they are very sensitive to people's emotions, very good at acting like a baby, and very dependent on their hosts

Parenting Guide:

1. Try to have a balanced nutrition, and feed less snacks and human food.

2. VIPs need more haircuts and beauty treatments to prevent them from becoming "stray dogs"

🐶Top2. Bichon Frize

Sticky index: 5 🔆

Advantages: friendly and well-behaved, lively and cheerful, small in size, loves to be clean, does not shed hair, and is also very suitable for raising in the city

parenting guide

1. The immune function of the bichon frize is very fragile. When the temperature changes from season to season, the owner must take measures to keep warm

2. The bichon frizz is easy to get tangled, so it needs to be combed every day

🐶Top3. Golden Retriever

Sticky index: 4 and a half 🔆

Advantages: Docile and friendly, smart and obedient, alert and loyal, good obedience, sunny and warm man, high IQ, but low aggressiveness, enthusiastic and good at sports

parenting guide

1. Regular internal and external deworming. In vivo and in vitro deworming once a month before half-year-old, and once every three months after half-year-old.

2. Golden Retrievers shed heavily and need frequent bathing and brushing.

🐶Top4. Pomeranian

Sticky index: 4 🔆

Advantages: lush hair, peerless beauty, very smart, elves and ghosts, requires less space and less appetite

parenting guide

1. Choice of dog food: choose natural food with hair-beautifying effect, or supplement with fish oil.

2. Pay attention to daily care, regularly trim eye hair, wipe eyes, and keep ear canal clean


🐶Top5. Alaskan Malamute

Sticky index: 3 and a half 🔆

Advantages: clingy, high emotional needs,

Protecting the Lord, loyal, and will not take the initiative to attack.

parenting guide

1. Ala's stomach is very fragile and prone to diarrhea, especially in childhood. When choosing dog food, it is recommended to choose less oil food.

2. Alaska consumes at least 60ml of water per kilogram of body weight, and puppies, lactating female dogs, working dogs or dogs in hot climates should consume more water.

🐶Top6. Samoyed

Sticky index: 3 and a half 🔆

Advantages: Noble and elegant, well-behaved and cute, angelic smile, alert and strong, loyal and friendly.

parenting guide

1. Satsuma is prone to obesity, so pay attention to scientific feeding, fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality meat, vitamins and other supplements are fed in a balanced manner.

2. Reasonable exercise, more company, exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

🐶Top7. Labrador

Sticky index: 3 🔆

Advantages: docile personality, warm man, can perceive human emotions, very obedient, high IQ

parenting guide

1. Labradors have a lot of exercise after adulthood and need to be taken out for exercise for more than an hour

2. Labrador needs to be trained from an early age, which is conducive to the formation of a good character

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