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Have you brushed your dog?


🐶I believe that people who have dogs at home will appreciate how painful it is to have a hair shedding monster at home,

🍃Especially when the seasons change from spring to autumn

🍃It is even more strength that confirms the saying "everyone has hair on their body"~

🌚For this furry species, the problem of hair loss cannot be solved fundamentally,

🌚The problem of grooming, we should pay attention to it!

NO.1 Is combing necessary? 🤔


Combing hair may seem simple, but it also plays a big role!

Combing the fallen hair in time can effectively avoid the phenomenon of hair flying around the house;

Regular grooming of dogs can also detect skin problems in time and treat them in time.

Grooming a dog is also an excellent opportunity to cultivate a relationship with the dog~

NO.2 How to choose the right comb? 🤔

When grooming a dog, never use a human comb.

Dogs have their own combs~


According to the different coat texture of each dog, there are also differences in the selection of combs:

📱For dogs with smooth coat and short hair like Doberman Pinscher, you can use a flat comb;

📱For long-haired dogs like Pomeranians and Golden Retrievers, you should choose a nail-head comb with a sharper and denser comb to better untangle the knotted hair;

📱If it is for short-haired dogs, like Labrador, Bulldog, etc.,

You should choose a shaving brush, bristle brush, etc.

📷We can choose according to the length of our dog's coat.

NO.3 The method of combing hair🤔

The order of combing the coat is quickly combed along the direction of hair growth,

Starting from the neck, from front to back,

Proceed from top to bottom, combing one side and then the other.

When grooming a long-haired dog like a golden retriever, the undercoat is the most easily overlooked.

This requires the shit shovel officers to have enough patience to comb layer by layer!

That is, the long hair needs to be turned up, and then the undercoat should be combed.

In addition, when grooming a dog, the movements should be gentle and meticulous, not rough and reckless.

Otherwise, the dog will have a fear of grooming, and grooming in the future will be a big headache!

If you don’t want dog hair everywhere in your house, move quickly~

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