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❄️ How to keep cats warm in winter!


❄️Are cats afraid of the cold? How to keep cats warm in winter!

Winter is coming! It’s the season when cats will cling to you to keep warm~😊ི

🔺 How often do cats feel cold 🥶?

⭐️The body temperature of cats is similar to that of humans. When the temperature at home is lower than 10 degrees, cats will feel cold, and when the temperature is 20-25 degrees, cats will feel comfortable.

🔺How do cats warm up when they feel cold:

1. Drill the quilt to keep warm

2. Sleep near the radiator or lie on your stomach

3. Cats in winter are more clingy and treat you like a moving furnace

4. The power supply and radiator of the notebook become its heater

5. Warm up with friends and dogs

6. Cats keep warm in their hands


🔺Should we as shit shovelers do something for them?

1. Prepare a warm nest.

2. Prepare the heater and raise the temperature.

3. Pay attention to supplement nutrition for cats in winter.

4. Dress the cat.

5. Feed the cat warm water.

How does your cat keep warm when it’s cold~🤧