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🐈1 second to get ✔️Cat emotions❗


What evil can a kitty 🐱 have?

Don't be surprised when it comes to you with a small animal 🐭🐛🕷️ in its mouth, it's a sign that it likes you.

✅ lick you

Show closeness, treat you like your own child, clean up your smell

✅ rub you

The tail is upright, and it keeps rubbing against you with its head and body, which means acting like a baby to you and expressing love❤️

✅Nice you

Use your hands 👋🏻 as toys, or want to be quiet if you don’t want to be disturbed

✅ purr

Make a grunting sound like a tractor 🚜, which means that you are satisfied and comfortable now

✅Give a small gift 🎁

Bring its baby 🐭 or give it to you as a trophy, it means that it likes you very much

✅Sit well

Sitting motionless, with the tail around the body, it means that you don’t want to move for the time being, and you are in a state of concentration

✅Sit with legs crossed

In the empty state, it means that it is very leisurely and relaxed

✅ face up to the sky

Lying on your back to sleep with your stomach up means you feel safe and relaxed

✅ Farmers carry

Pick up the two paws, indicating that the body is very relaxed

✅The chaise longue

Lie down on your side, the body is in a relaxed state, and you can rest leisurely

✅Rolling all over the floor

The cat rolls on the ground because it wants to play with you, hoping that you can massage or tickle it

✅Salted duck party

If the belly is on the ground and the hind legs are straight, it means that the cat is relaxed or hot

✅ Stretch

The front paws are straightened, the body is pressed down, and the eyes are squinted


✅ step on milk

Scratch rhythmically with paws on furry items, expressing comfort and happiness

✅Airplane ears

Ears pressed down and turned back, expressing fear, apprehension

✅Predecessor prostrate

The front feet are bent and the buttocks are shaking from side to side, indicating that they are in a hunting state and ready to pounce

✅ Body arched

The body is arched and the hair is blown out, indicating that it is in a state of blown hair and may attack at any time

✅Slightly open mouth

There is an olfactory lobe on the top of the cat's mouth, and the mouth is slightly open, indicating that it is curious about smells and is collecting information

✅ pupil dilation

The eyes 👀 are round and the pupils are dilated, indicating that they are very focused and generally in a hunting state

✅ tickle

Scratch your neck or ears with your hind legs constantly. If the frequency is too high, there may be lice or fleas, and insect repellent is needed

✅ Breathe

The cat's self-protection may also be that it is afraid, such as when other animals invade the territory, it will give a warning

✅The tail is vertical and the tip is curved

The tail is erected like an antenna, and the patrol mode is turned on, indicating that the mood is very good and happy

✅Tail wagging slightly

Indicates being excited or feeling a little uneasy

✅Tail clamped

Tail low between legs, fear or guilt

✅ Tail wagging wildly

The tail swings from side to side, indicating impatience and anger

After reading it, do you suddenly know how much your cat 🐱 loves you! Hurry up and arrange a can 🥫 to reward them at night!

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