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Demystifying the Meaning of Cat Meows


The Meaning of 9 Cat Meows

1⃣️ "Meow" sound

When a cat expresses doubts about some situation, it will make a "meow" sound, which is to say to the pet owner: "I don't understand". The cat is expressing confusion.

2⃣️ "breath" sound

Everyone should be very clear about the cat's "breathing" sound. This is the cat's angry and frightened sound. When you hear it, run away quickly to prevent the cat from biting.

3⃣️Short "meow" sound

When a cat sees its owner, it will make a short meow, which means the cat is saying "Hi!", "Hi". The cat is saying hello to you, indicating that it is very happy to see you.


A cat's "purr purr" is a sound of contentment and satisfaction. When you are stroking the cat, if you hear it make such a sound, it means that it is very comfortable. At this time, you can suck and stroke the cat vigorously.

5⃣️"Ma-gram" is called

When your cat looks out the window at a bird or a fish in the water, it makes this sound, which is a scene where the cat is imagining itself catching prey.

6⃣️ "Hiss" sound

Cats make a "hissing" sound, which is a threatening sound, and it is a warning to the other party. Generally, it is a sound to warn strangers not to approach, or when encountering similar people robbing their own territory and protecting food.

7⃣️ Keep "meowing"

When a cat meows incessantly, it may be injured or ill. The general mood of cats is still very low.


When a cat makes a low, soft "meow" sound, it is a sign that the cat has received a message from someone else. The cat seems to be saying "I know", "I understand", "I see" and so on.

9⃣️Excited "meow meow"

The cat suddenly makes a high-pitched meow. It may be that you suddenly stepped on the cat's tail, and the cat makes a sound of fear and panic.

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