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What other pets are allowed besides cats and dogs?

🤭The layout is open! What other pets are allowed besides cats and dogs?


First time

First introduce some popular pets~

There are still some pets in follow-up updates

🎀Mianzi: It can be raised in a small cage, has a gentle personality and is super cute

🎀Andrew Mink: I am very curious, I need to go through the smelly gland surgery and sterilization before buying

🎀Alpacas: need a large space for activities, it is not recommended to keep them in buildings

🎀Squirrel: smart, super interactive

🎀My Neighbor Totoro: A clean and cute little animal, but it is very afraid of heat, so you need to pay attention to the breeding temperature

🎀Gecko: A small animal suitable for office workers, like a small dinosaur

🎀Golden Silk Bear: You can hold it in your hand and play with it

🎀Guinea pig: cute and invincible when eating, but can bark

🎀Hermit crab: You can change hermit crabs into beautiful shells, and it is also very suitable for office workers to raise

🎀Turtle: A quiet little animal, a breeding tank can handle it~

🎀Pig: There is no breed that will never grow up. Pigs are very clean animals~

🎀Sugar Glider: A clingy little cutie who can fly to your hand from a high place at home

🎀Pet chicken: There are very beautiful pet chicken breeds

🎀Keer Duck: Ducks that don’t grow up, you can also buy eggs to incubate yourself, experience the fun of hatching

🎀Parrots: They are highly interactive, but many species cannot be raised at will, so you must do a good job

No matter what kind of pet you keep, you must be prepared before raising it. You can't throw it away on a whim!

Pet knowledge is constantly being updated~