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Matters needing attention in raising cats in spring


Matters needing attention in raising cats in spring

1️⃣Pay attention to the cat's heat

Spring is the peak season for cats to estrus. When cats are in estrus, they may run out of the house desperately. Pet owners who are looking for mating partners must take good care of the cats and don’t let them go out to mate randomly. Cats are easy to get lost. If there is no plan to let the cat have children, it is best to take the cat for sterilization as soon as possible to avoid future troubles!

2️⃣Pay attention to the situation of cats throwing up hairballs

Spring is the season for cats to moult, and cats often lick their fur, which will cause it to inhale more hair than other seasons, and more hairballs will accumulate in the body💢When the hairballs block the digestive tract, they will The intestine becomes so big and hard that the cat may not be able to spit out the hairball by itself➡️If the blockage is serious, it may also cause intestinal obstruction, requiring surgery to remove the hairball❗️

⚠️So in spring, it is best to comb cats more to reduce hair inhalation. If necessary, give them some hair cream and cat grass to help them shed hair.

3️⃣Be careful not to let the cat catch a cold

🍃In spring, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and cats are more afraid of cold animals. If you don’t pay attention, you may catch a cold and catch a cold, and your cat will suffer.

The temperature is relatively low at night, so pet owners should keep their cats warm when they are sleeping, and don’t take it lightly.

4️⃣ Pay attention to clean up leftover food and clean cat bowls

In spring, the air is relatively humid, bacteria and germs grow quickly, and food is particularly prone to spoilage. If the cat has not finished eating the food, it must be thrown out after a long time⚠️Never add a little more in the next meal, it will easily cause the cat's gastrointestinal discomfort, leading to diarrhea, diarrhea and other problems.

✅Each time after the cat is full, it is best to clean up the leftover food in time, and clean the cat bowl to keep the utensils hygienic. Protect the cat's gastrointestinal health, enhance physical fitness, and improve immunity.


5️⃣ Regular cleaning and disinfection of cat litter

Spring is the season for bacteria to reproduce faster ➡️ So in addition to cleaning the cat’s tableware, the cat’s litter also needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly ⚠️ Otherwise, the cat sleeps on it every day, it is easy to be infected with germs, suffer from skin diseases, respiratory diseases, etc. In severe cases, it may even threaten its life.

✅It is best to clean the cat litter every week, and put it in the sun for disinfection. At the same time, the cleaning work of the home environment should also be done well. The cat's living environment is clean and tidy, and the chance of contracting the virus will be reduced.

➡️Spring is the season with high incidence of colds and respiratory diseases, so we must protect our cats to avoid getting sick, otherwise we will toss our cats, and we will spend a lot of time taking care of them. I hope everyone's cats can be healthy💪

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