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Brushing the cat, are you doing it right?


⭕️Regular grooming can help cats maintain a clean and healthy body

⭕️Cats use their rough tongues as combs to smooth their hair and keep their bodies clean (grooming). Combing can remove the dirt and dust that cannot be removed during grooming, make the coat shiny, massage the skin and promote blood circulation.

The role of combing

❗️Remove dirt and hair loss

Reduce the amount of hair the cat eats into the stomach during grooming, to avoid the burden on the stomach or diseases such as hairball disease.

❗️ No more hairballs

Avoids tangles and prevents hairball problems

❗️ Health check

Increase the chance of touching the cat's body to detect abnormalities in hair and skin

❗️If you let the cat wear clothes, the cat will not be able to groom itself, which may cause stress. It is recommended that cats not be clothed except for disease care.


Grooming supplies

❗️Rubber comb (short hair)

This rubber comb smooths and removes lint. Cats with less hair can choose a fine comb.

❗️Round handle comb or needle comb (long hair)

Hair can be smoothed and combed. It is recommended to use a round-handled comb that will not break the hair for daily grooming. If you want to comb the hair completely, you should switch to a needle comb.

❗️Row comb (short, long hair)

Helps detangle cat hair and facilitates grooming when grooming is complete.